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Wod Wounds and Badges of Honor


Wod Wounds and Badges of Honor

Wod Wounds and Badges of Honor

Every time I walk into Clamtown CrossFit, I am not certain how the workout will go.  Some days I feel like it’s going to be harder than usual because of a previously rough night’s sleep.  Other days I feel like I can conquer any task they throw onto the day’s WOD.  But what I am certain of is that every time I walk in, there is a very large chance that one of my classmates will be a member of the US military or a veteran or someone about to start their military journey. There is an even bigger chance that a classmate is a police officer or a firefighter or a paramedic. CrossFit is how they stay in shape to keep our world safe for us. It’s an amazing feeling knowing I’m in there with these lifesavers. These heroes.

I know that when they go to work they have their own battle wounds and badges of honor that keep them going. Maybe the satisfying fatigue after a successful fire fight or receiving a medal after serving for a number of years in the military is the reason they continue their paths. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful.

I’m also grateful for them in a different way, too. I am grateful they come to Clamtown and allow us “regular folks” to be a part of their lives, even for a little while. We complete hard physical tasks like Hero WODS that involve being pushed well beyond what we thought were our limits. We sweat together, work hard together, push each other, high five after each workout, and even sometimes grab a beer together afterward.  Every step feels like an honor to me.

They allow us to have our own battle wounds and receive our own badges of honor in the form of earned bruises, bloody blistered hands, and little stars next to our names after we PR or RX an exercise. Even though those little marks pale in comparison to the feats they accomplish on a daily basis, they cheer for us when we come back for more. We are all the same there.

I love that Clamtown CrossFit has brought us all together to share in our journeys. Witnessing a fellow classmate’s pride upon completing a difficult task they have been working on for weeks is one of the best feelings there is.  It’s topped only by feeling that same pride in yourself and seeing everyone around you beaming at your victory.

No matter what your age, experience level, occupation, whatever… you can do CrossFit.  And you will have a team of proud classmates and coaches ready to cheer you on during every adventure towards your own wod wounds and badges of honor.

Join us for a class

Every July 4th, we do a Hero Workout named Scooter.
Scooter is with a running clock of 35 minutes
First 30 minutes (with a Partner) is an AMRAP of 30 Double-Unders + 15 Pull-Ups + 15 Push-Ups + 100 Meter Sprint. Partners alternate rounds.
Then on the final 5 minutes, find a 1-rep-max Partner Deadlift.