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What I Learned This Week


What I Learned This Week

6 Things I learned this week at Clamtown CrossFit

In this second installment of Clamtown CrossFit from an Athlete’s Perspective, I thought it would be cool to tell you all the things I’ve learned so far.  But…that would take forever because honestly, I’ve learned so much since joining last year.  So I’ll narrow it down to what I’ve learned just this week alone.

  1. I am so much more capable than I ever thought I was
    Have you heard of box jumps?  Basically, it’s an exercise where you jump up on a box.  That’s it.  Well, on paper it looks easy.  In reality, not so much.  It’s a physically trying exercise, yes, but it’s just as much mental.  Staring at a wooden box and telling yourself you can jump up on it is scary.  You worry about your shins hitting the edge.  You worry that you’ll fall on your face.  You wonder how the heck you’ll get through 1 jump let alone the 9 you’re supposed to do every round for 4 rounds.  It took me a long time to get up the courage to jump.  I started with a shorter box and just stepped up onto it.  Then I moved to a taller box and stepped up.  Then I finally made the leap (literally and figuratively) and jumped up onto a 20 inch box.  That process took a good 4-5 months.  Well, this week I moved up to jump onto a 24 inch box and I have never been more proud of myself.  It was all about overcoming fear, as irrational as it was.  As soon as I let go and trusted myself, I was able to do it.  That’s the beauty of CrossFit for me.
  2. I am strong
    I don’t know about you, but I love it when any type of training gets to be used in actual real-life circumstances.  The other day I was weeding my garden and was having trouble with one particularly stubborn root that just wouldn’t come free.  I stood up and thought for a second…WWBD? (What would Bob do?) So I got into my deadlift stance- core tight, shoulders back, knees bent- grabbed the root, and pulled it out like I was pulling up a barbell for a PR.  I think I even roared a little.
  3. I have strong friends
    Watching everyone change and grow each class makes me so happy.  Today, I got to watch my friend deadlift 195 lbs.  A few weeks ago, she was at less than 100 lbs max according to the records.  That’s amazing.  Everyone works hard in class and everyone gets stronger every day.  I love that we all encourage each other at Clamtown.  There are some gyms that claim there is “no judgement” within their walls, but I’ve never actually experienced that pure nonjudgmental feel until going to Clamtown.  It truly is a family atmosphere where everyone pushes each other to become better versions of themselves.
  4. I sweat at weird times
    Run 8000 meters = no sweat.  90 wall balls = no sweat.  Side plank for 1 minute = buckets full of sweat.  No rhyme or reason.  Just thought I’d share that info.
  5. It’s great to learn from different coaches
    Every coach at Clamtown has something wonderful to offer.  I highly recommend taking classes with each coach, if you have the chance.  While they are all awesome at what they do, each coach has their own way of explaining things.  I’ve found that it just takes one or two key sentences for me to grasp some exercises.  For example, I couldn’t get an exercise called the Windmill until Tara told me to slide my bottom hand down my leg.  And squats were way too hard for me until Jim said to “screw your feet into the ground”.  And Ron told me in order to get a better overhead squat, you need to “break the barbell in half”. Even if those phrases don’t hit perfectly with you, you will find ones that do through each coach.
  6. Some days are better than other days, and that’s ok
    There are going to be days when you don’t lift as much as you think you should.  There will be times when you feel like you didn’t give 100%.  That’s entirely OK!  You did the workout.  You did SO much more than you would have done if you hadn’t gone.  You are a rockstar.

Hey look, I’m 43 years old and before joining Clamtown CrossFit I was sure I couldn’t learn much more in life.  Not only have I learned things about CrossFit, I’ve learned things about myself.  I really encourage you to give it a try.  ANYONE can do it.

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