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How to balance life using CrossFit


How to balance life using CrossFit


How to balance life using CrossFit

One of the buzzwords you start hearing more and more when you become an adult is balance.  Between jobs, home life, social circles, bills, happiness, appointments, sports, and anything else you may have on your agenda, you- like everyone else- are probably in a constant struggle to maintain balance in your life.  For me, I tend to struggle with keeping myself happy and healthy while also making sure my family gets all they need, too. I put myself on the back burner because, well, that’s just who I am.  As it turns out, I don’t really need much to make myself happy and feel balanced.  Can you guess what’s coming next?  Yep…

Queue the CrossFit.

Joining Clamtown CrossFit was seriously one of the best things I’ve done for myself.  Not only has CrossFit taught me to do things I never thought I would, it also balances me in my life as a mom, wife, and independent businessperson.  Walking into the gym each day is like hitting a reset button on my brain.  It removes the doubts I may have been having about my day and allows me to focus.  It is something I can do for myself BY myself to help maintain that balance I so crave.  Here’s why:

The word balance has so many different connotations when it comes to CrossFit.  Of course, there is the physical aspect of learning to actually balance yourself.  A lot of activities involve a steady core and patience.  For example, the pistol squat forces you to concentrate on squatting down on one leg while the other leg is straight out in front of you.  You must concentrate and focus solely on the exercise to get it right.  If your mind wanders, you will fall.  It’s a great test of strength, but also very calming to a busy brain.

Also, each day the WOD is something different, something new.  When I look at the screen that tells me what I will need to do that day, I have to figure out a strategy in which I can succeed.  Monday may be an AMRAP workout (As Many Reps As Possible) within a certain period of time so I’ll need to figure out a good pace to so I don’t burn out too soon.  Tuesday may be an EMOM workout (Every Minute On the Minute) which means I need to pay attention to the clock so I have enough time to rest in between sets.  It’s all balance.

Learning to balance these little things translates into learning to balance the big things in life.  Getting through a tough workout makes you feel good.  When you are covered in sweat and breathing heavy after your last burpee or ring row, it gives tangible proof that you can do it. You can do ANYTHING. Taking time for yourself can only help keep that balance in place.

As an addendum, I’d like to add this little bit of philosophy. Sometimes I like to think of balance in a more metaphorical way.  I think of a seesaw.  When we were kids, playing on a seesaw was great.  The ups and downs were the fun part.  Sure, balancing in the middle was fun, but not as fun as pushing off with your feet or flying through the air when your friend pushed off.  It’s good to remember that when things seem frustrating, the ups and downs are the fun parts of life. Embrace them.